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Ammalu is always right


I blamed my wife when my iPad was not getting charged.

‘Change your charger,’ she suggested.

‘I will change my wife,’ I yelled at her.

‘Do that, if you have courage,’ she warned.

‘The iPad is getting charged,’ I said.

The iPad is getting charged. Even the iPad charger is afraid of Ammalu!

‘Ammalu, I’m sure your friends have some good words about me’

‘Yes, they do have, but they don’t tell me. They are polite!’


‘Ammalu, what is the name of the lady who came last for the Kolu, last evening’

‘My mom came last’

‘What is her name?’

‘Let me ask her and tell you. I too forgot ‘

‘No, no. You don’t do that. I will find out from my ‘pending -dues

‘If her name is in that list, you would not have forgotten. That shows she has cleared the dues. But, she remembers your name. So, settle her dues, today, now, in another thirty seconds, as she is standing behind you and I want your nose intact to smell from the distance and appreciate the aroma of my food’


‘When is your fiftieth birthday, asked poornakumbeswari, yesterday’

‘What was your answer?’

‘I smiled proudly. Didn’t say a word. I’m sure she would have understood’

‘Yes, she would have. Your smile said it. I’m sure she would have watched your smile’

‘Yes, Ammalu. She did. She too smiled back’

‘That shows she had noticed your vacant space in your mouth and assessed your fiftieth birthday date, approximately’


‘There are still two back- broken teeth precariously hanging from the roof. Once those too fall, she will judge your age correctly’

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