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Is not my Hyderabad life exciting?

I have noted that after retuning back home, my ledger of problems never shows a Nil balance. Solve one, another problem is waiting behind.
So, I have found a way. I don’t treat any of those as ‘problems’ and give importance.

Result- I have now only events and not problems!

Events come and go. I attend to those but don’t watch for the results. That helps.

In America too I had problems during the second half of my stay there. That was solely related to my health. But, the load on me was minimum, as I was not the load- bearer! There were many, my daughter in law Meghana mainly, my son, daughter and others.

No charm if your load is carried by others! You should carry it on your head.

Hyderabad life is exciting despite many problems I am facing.

Oh, I said I have no problems. Let me continue with the new name,’events!’

While serving food for my brother Vicha, my landline rings. Vicha, either didn’t hear or didn’t want to hear. I too ignore the rings.

Phone stops but rings again. I go near the phone when Vicha wants one chutta pappadam- baked pappad. I go to the kitchen. The phone rings again. I pick it up. It is Kundalakesi. Her name is kumudam, but I call her Kundalam to respect the big kodakkadukkans hanging from her small ear lobes. Kodakkadukkans are ear-ornaments in the shape of umbrellas.

‘Anna, are you free coming Sunday?’, she enquires.

‘Why, you are calling me for food in hotel Kubhera?’

‘No, Anna, my daughter is delivering a female baby’

‘How do you know the baby is going to be female?’

‘My daughter was in USA ‘

‘Ok, but in what way am I going to be helpful in the maternity ward?’

‘You have a task there; my Anna, you can do it’

‘You expect me to apply my Malayalam manthravAdam and convert the baby to male ?’

‘No, I want you to take her to the hospital’

‘Shall send my car with the driver. Why should I come?’

‘No, Anna. I want you to write her horoscope on the spot’

‘I’m not an astrologer !’

‘That is ok. But you can bluff and convert the Moolam star into Makham. ‘Moolathu mAmiyar mukkilae’ you know!’

‘My bluff can do many things but not convert a star to another one. I’m sorry. And I don’t believe in such rubbish that one star is worse than another. My son Srikanth is Moolam- born. His mother in law is not sitting in a corner.. She is a world trotter’

‘Anna, my belief is unshakeable . I want the baby to be born only in Makham star’

‘Tell the doctor and get the surgery on the day you want’
‘ I tired. Makham is too far. Can’t wait till then, doctor says’

‘One more chutta pappadam!’ Vicha demands.

I close my talk with my friend.

You won’t believe the other day, I had a call from a relative, mother of an MTech boy from IIT Chennai, decently employed. His star is Moolam and his mother says she has problem to find a match.

Will we never come out of these obsolete thoughts?

I was born in Hastham star, born after great prayers from my mother. But the women in the neighborhood expressed fear about my father’s longevity. They had an example in my father. He was also Hastham born and his father passed away soon after he was born. My father with multi health problems passed away only after I crossed forty. My second son Atchu is Hastham born. I’m sure, whether you accept or not, I’m alive!

Now, tell me. Is not my Hyderabad life exciting?
Shivam Perinkulam
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