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Ammalu is always right

‘Let the Sun rise in the West, let the stars rise in the mid noon. I will love you and you alone, Ammalu’

‘The question is not that. Can you love me and me alone when the sun rises in the East and the stars rise after sunset?’

‘Ammalu, behave and talk like the wife of a man of repute. A man of great respect. People are watching you’

‘People are watching you for that behavior. Even animals. Yesterday, raising your head and straightening your body like a stick, when you asked, facing the empty space, in the Shivaji Ganesan style, ‘evarakkada, who’s there?’, our cow KalyAni answered, ‘mae!’

‘Ammalu, don’t you have any other work other than watching my movements ?’

‘I work fifteen hours a day. Shouldn’t I have some fun and pastime?’

‘My movements are funny for me?’

‘Not for me. For our cow KalyAni. ‘Mae!’


Wonder why you want to come to attend my talks meant exclusively for intelligent people of high caliber?’

‘Just to alert you sitting among the audience, by body signal when you quote fabricated quotations from people never lived, so that with your intelligence you can modify the sentence’

‘So, you have no doubt about my intelligence supremacy over you’

‘No, that is why I’m correcting you’




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