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Happy birthday, Sharat

September 28 th is a memorable day for me as my eldest son Ananth ( Sharath/ Kuttan for me ) was born on that day, over forty years ago.
Those moments the parents wait to have a first look at the face of the first child ( or the faces of the subsequent children) are always packed with unalloyed joy and anxiety and so many other feelings which can’t be explained in words. In the case of my wife and myself, not the moments but the months we waited to see our first baby was explainable in words- we simply wanted to have a normal child! . We had no other ambition. Reason- we feared, threatened by a gynecologist friend, that there was a possibility that the child might not be a normal one, consequent to the effect of certain medicines, my wife was taking during pregnancy.

‘Come what may, we will have the baby’, decided we both, despite discouraging suggestions and advices from some medical friends we were surrounded with, then. And that was the best decision we took in our life. And the happiest moment in our life was when on child birth, the pediatrician certified that the baby was perfectly normal.

Sharath, like his mom and unlike his dad, is a man of a few words, good, intelligent, meaningful, timely and apt. He likes, again like his mom, the best of everything and there can’t be a better example for that than Megh, his life partner. ( you may like to add that his mom’s selection of me proves my point!😌) He resembles his paternal grand father, whose name he bears, in looking after his parents and I can never forget the affection and care I received from him and Megh, when I fell seriously ill last year.
I wish my Kuttan a long life along with his wife and children and the best of it, as he always opts for the best.

Happy birthday Sharath.




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