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Ammalu is always right



‘You see me in your dreams, Ammalu?’

‘From morning to evening, I see you behind me, wherever I go. Is that not enough?’

‘You have eyes at your back too, Ammalu?’

‘I have eyes all over my body. Otherwise, how did I manage all these years to keep you with me and for me?’


‘I see neither Saraswathy nor Lakshmi but only Durga manifestation in you, Ammalu’

‘ I had been the cause for your earning fame, name and wealth and knowledge during your young days and now to punish you for your misdeeds, goddess has chosen me as Durga’

‘You were the cause for my wealth and knowledge?’

‘Weren’t you telling everyone that I was your Lakshmi. Your mom said so, your dad said so, your relatives said so’

‘That was a formality’

‘Means everyone in your family was lying?’

‘Not that Ammalu. Why are you getting angry? You are an embodiment of peace and tranquility’

‘But you see only Durga in me!’

‘That was when my eyeglasses were unclear. I have cleaned those now and have a better vision’

‘So, how do I look now?’

‘Like Lakshmi and Saraswathi’





‘I can tell from memory the make, color and pattern of saris worn by your friends who attended your kolu this evening, Ammalu.’

‘I’m glad that your have that information. Please note it down pass on to our Chettiyar tomorrow and order for me one sari in each pattern. I liked all the saris’

‘Are you mad? Twenty two women attended the kolu and you want me to order 22 saris! Sorry Ammalu, I was bluffing. I don’t remember all the patterns’

‘How many do you remember?’

‘Three or four’

‘Ok. Order three or four saris’

‘Ammalu, on this Vijayadasami day, I take a vow. Now on, I will never look at the saris of any of your friends and if by chance, if I happen to see, I won’t remember their colour, brand or pattern’

‘That is for the future and that decision doesn’t affect your past mistakes. Oder four saris , ok?’

‘Four saris !!!!’

‘Ok, make it three’

Ammalu, my mother would have never expected that my marriage with you would be nothing but misery multiplied by millions’

‘My mother expected about my marriage though the multiplication factor was not that high as your mother’s expectation’


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