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Ammalu is always right

‘I’m outspoken and you know that. We two have no space in this house, Ammalu. Either you or me has to get out. Decide who?’

‘You, obviously, SP’

‘Why, pray, mademoiselle?’

‘You ask me to decide and I decide that you should happily go and find a place where you have space. I have enough space here and I will continue to stay. I’m not outgrowing like you hourly’

Beauty lies in the eyes which see, they say. Do you think I should go for an eye check up to see beauty in you?’

‘No need. Wait till evening. No tea for you today. And if you don’t see beauty not only in me but in everything around me, then you can consult the eye specialist’


‘Ammalu, all said and done, Ammini shines in Kerala sari’

‘Yes, she needs a sari or blouse to shine. Poor thing’


‘Ammalu, I don’t think you dispute my claim that I’m the head of our family’


‘I don’t think you dispute the fact that being the head of the family my decisions are final in this house, Ammalu?’


‘Ok. My purpose is served. You may go now’

‘Go where? You are asking me to go out of my house?’

‘Your house? But, just now you agreed that I’m the head of the family’

‘I did. But, that doesn’t mean that this house is yours. You are only the head. A part of the whole, not the whole. As a head. You sit on the top and I do the rest. I’m the rest, your hands, legs, the whole body. You can’t even scratch when it itches. I do that. The head can’t scratch the head!The head can’t comb it’s hair! The hands have to do it. And most important thing, as your hand, I cook for you, I feed you; I give you water to drink. As your legs I walk for you, you follow; follow simply’

‘Ha, ha, Ammalu, your real colour is out. Head is the storehouse of intellect. . Direction flow from it. I decide what to do and you do it. Even an elementary school kid knows this basic thing. And I have to teach this to you! Pity’

‘Ok, let the orders keep flowing. I’m going to my mom’s house’

‘What about the onion pakoda you were making, for evening tea?’

‘That too goes with me. You have been all these years eating my head. Now eat yours. Good bye’

‘Ammalu, this is your house. You are A to Z here. Is there any word beyond Z? You are that too’

‘Your onion pakoda will be on your table in two minutes’

‘Thanks a lot. I would love to eat from your hand’

‘You, greedy oldie! You are back to your form. Sorry. Eat with your head



‘Ammalu, of late, do you find any shakes in my body?’


‘Any jerks in my mind’


‘So, you can watch my mind too! Wonderful woman. Wonder why God made you my wife’

‘To remove your shakes and jerks’

‘But you said those are not there!’

‘Not now. But, the moment a mildly scented wind passes through our gate, your mind will jerk and your body will start shaking. At that time, You need my help, to prevent the total collapse of mind and body’

‘Ammalu, I’m not a child’

‘That exactly is my problem. If you were one, I would have twisted your ears and changed their shape, ending for ever the possibility of any shakes, jerks, cracks or breaks ‘

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