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Ammalu is always right

‘Had I remained a bachelor, I would have been happy, Ammalu’

‘Yes, if you had twenty pair of extra hands and an extra tommy, a big one that!’

‘For what?’

‘For carrying out my duties’

‘And a dozen additional tongues too’

‘Yes, you may need, as you won’t be able to manage with one tongue as I do !’

‘I feel shy to stand before you, having committed a crime, Ammalu’

‘Don’t feel shy. Go and commit that crime again’

‘What are you talking, Ammalu? Encouraging me to repeat the crime?’

‘SP, don’t try to act like a third rate cine hero or villain in front of me. I know what you are capable of and what you are not. The worst crime you are capable of committing is boasting, blabbering or lying before my mom or my friends.
Leave me alone if you want your breakfast and lunch be ready in time’

‘Evening tea with snacks and dinner too’

‘Yes, everything will be on your table in time, if you go and repeat the crime before my mother ‘

‘That means you are taking off today’

‘Yes, if you continue to stay before me and pose like a hero or villain of a third rate movie’

‘My mother carried me in her womb for ten months enduring enormous sufferings not for being subjugated by a silly woman like you, Ammalu’

‘Then for what?’

‘What a question is this?’

‘Why don’t you tell me for what other purpose did your mother conceive, carry and deliver a great son like you, if not to be subjugated by a silly woman like me?’

‘Who are you to question me?’

‘Your mom is not alive to give you the answer. So, ask my mom’

‘Your mom? She brought out a silly woman like you to torture me’

‘There you are! You got the answer for your question. Both mothers did a noble act to make me your wife and make you, my husband. Anymore doubts?’

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