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Ammalu is always right


Ammalu, why don’t I take you for a mesmerizing tour?’

‘Why not! It is my dream to visit Europe and Switzerland’

‘My dream was to take you to Malampuzha dam’

‘Ok. Will you buy inchi mittai, ginger toffee for four annas, if I come with you?’


‘Ammalu, every old man is excited while mentioning about his grandchildren but not about his wife. Why so?’

‘I’m not worried about others. My concern is only you and you always get excited about me . And that is enough for me’

‘Me, Ammalu, me? Never’

‘From morning to evening two hundred times you call my name.
What else does a wife ask for? Twenty to thirty times a day, you are in the kitchen under some pretext or other. What else does a wife ask for? On your own you can’t pick up a tumbler of water or talk to a guest without my help. What else does a wife ask for?
Enough of your senseless talk. Go and be in your easy chair. Your mirchi bajji and hot tea are getting ready’


Ammalu, I’m so happy that you told your friend that you have complete belief in my honesty, absolute faith in my integrity and unshakeable trust in my unalloyed character’

‘Thank you. What I told her was truth and nothing but truth. I also told her that you are my most precious possession in this world’

‘Oh, you said that? I didn’t hear. I’m proud of you Ammalu. You can go wherever you want to and come home leisurely’

‘Thank you’

‘What are you searching for ?’

‘Lock and key’

‘Going to lock me inside? Are you scared that I will go out alone and do some mischief?’

‘Never. Just for the safety of my most precious possession in this world’

‘Ammalu assal Tamizhilea oru pattu pAdu- sing a song in pure Tamiz, please!’

“‘YesunAdar pesinAl avar enna pesuvaar?’

‘Stop it. What song is this, Ammalu?’

‘The same song which our servant maid Mariyam sang yesterday after converting to Christianity, which earned your praise thar she was singing like Vasanthakokilam’

‘I should not have asked you to sing’

‘No harm, but that assal Tamiz was unnecessary’

‘You are an assal cranky wife!’

‘This assal is fine. That explains why I married you!’


Ammalu, do I really look my age?’

‘Eighty years younger !’

‘What do you mean, I’m more than eighty now?’

‘Ok. Seventy years younger’

‘Ammalu, be serious. Tell me honestly, how old do I look?’

‘For me you don’t look old at all. You look like an idiotic youngster thrown out by every girl whom you admired, aspired for, attempted to own and ultimately gave up trying and then eager to learn whether I like you or not. Am I right?’

‘Almost ‘

‘Almost ?’

‘Yes, the last part is not correct. I know you like me!’

‘Thank you. You look your age.’

Ammalu, we are not street walking lovers, remember. I don’t like you holding my hand while going out. Feel ashamed’

‘If I don’t hold your hand, you will slip and fall. I too would prefer to hold Appukuttan’s hand instead of yours’

‘Who is that rascal?’

‘Some X, Y or Z. Anyone who won’t scold me after saving him from a fall’

‘Ammalu, this year Onam, we should celebrate in a big scale, as I’m back to India after a long time. What about gifting Kerala saris to all your friends?’

‘Yes, if their husbands can’t afford to buy for them’

‘Ammalu, why do you suspect every good act of mine? Am I such a weak minded man?’

‘Not at all. I have my own weak mind when it comes to other women, saris , Onam and you’




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