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A chukkuvellam story

‘Oh, ‘great!’ ‘amazing!’, ‘enjoy!’, ‘ what a relief, Appa!’ etc.  were their comments in excitement when I told my children in USA that Meenasister’s cook Laksmi has reported for duty yesterday. Why a cook for two people and what is so exciting about it? God knows, perhaps, other than my children!

But there were more exciting things in the offing.

Lakshmi, completed her work in an hour and went home.

‘Anna, Chuukku vellam!’ Vicha , my younger brother, was waiting for her to leave, to give me the order!

He drinks only hot water or medicated hot water.

I gave him a real boiling water – like look and entered the kitchen.

No, the burner won’t work. Gas cylinder was new and so was the lighter. Then, why it can’t work?

‘Radha!’, I yelled. She is my tenant occupying a room in the mezzanine floor. ‘Come soon, urgent!’ . I demanded.

‘I’m in the bath room uncle,’ she replied.

‘Great!’, I replied.

‘What is great to be in the bath room?’, she asked.

After five minutes, I called her again. ‘Raaaaadha! Over?’

‘No uncle. Still in the bath room’

”Amazing!’ I replied.

‘What is amazing to be in the bathroom, uncle?’ . Another valid question.

‘Anna chukkuvellam,’ Vicha repeated his demand.

‘Nee thalakkaya! Your head, I scolded him.
‘Vicha, I’m not able to switch on the stove.
There seems to be some major problem. Your Chukku vellam has to wait, till the mechanic comes and repairs the gas or stove or the lighter’

His hearing capacity is not as bad as I expected.
He responded.’ Have you unlocked the cylinder. There is a knob on the regulator, which you have to turn on’

I did that. The flame appeared.

‘Great’ – I didn’t say.

‘Amazing!’ No, I didn’t say.

Radha came running from the bathroom and saw the burner on.

‘Uncle amazing!’ She was excited.

‘ you are great!’ She acclaimed my skill.
I’m Radha, I’m . I admitted humbly. Who won’t feel proud to be called ‘great!’

‘Anna Chukku vellam!’ The chukkuvellam master won’t leave me.

‘Yes, Sir. Ready. Fill all your flasks and don’t repeat your demand till tomorrow morning’

That useless guy neither said, great, or amazing or wonderful.

‘Oh, romba chudarathu- very hot’ – was his only response.
Practical man. His response was correct.

But, it lacked charm, poetry, amazement, joy!

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