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Ammalu is always right

‘Ammalu, I’m less angry with your idiotic illiteracy, irritating orthodoxy and irredeemable ignorance than with your illegitimate proud’

‘SP, talk in English, please!’

‘Dear? You call me dear? Am I your boy friend? What do you think about yourself, Ammalu?’

‘I never said ‘dear’. I said, ‘wear’ your shirt. Then, I asked, ‘ can you hear me?’. Why should I call you ‘dear’?’

‘Yes, I remember now. Why did you say, ‘hear, hear’ twice?’

‘That was when you called me ‘dear!’


‘How is your nine yards Naradar, Ammalu?’

‘Evaru, Pathideva? Who is that, my Lord?’

‘Who else? Your mom, who goes around and tell everyone in the colony that I’m your new chef’

‘What is wrong in that SP? When situation demands a husband should become a nurse, doctor, mother and master, cook and cooli to his wife?’

‘Wife too’

‘Wife is always’

‘For the past one week, I have been toiling in the kitchen and realize how difficult a task you have been carrying on, for so many years, Ammalu. Had I known this earlier, I would have married not one more but a dozen women to ease your work’ .

‘Even now it is not late. Marry a dozen or two and cook for all of us now that you have gained experience and knowledge’


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