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Ammalu is always right

‘Ammalu, I’m not ashamed to reveal a few top secrets of my young days’

‘I thought that you have already revealed every secret to me of your young as well as old days. If still some are left, keep those for tomorrow. Go to sleep now’

‘You are afraid that your sleep will be spoiled?’

‘Not at all. I’m worried that I may be tempted to tell you some top secrets of my young days😇’

‘Wise husbands should keep a reasonably fair distance from their wives after a certain age. What say Ammalu?’

‘Yes, except when they are hungry’

‘Hungry of what?’

‘I expect you to know that better?’

‘Why, Ammalu?’

‘Because you are a wise husband!’

‘Ammalu, imagine a situation where a woman comes and claims that she was my wife before I married you. Will you fight with her or file a suit or call your mother for help?’

‘None of the above. ‘I will address her as ‘akka! ( elder sister) and ask her, ‘shall we three pack off to your house?’.

You have any objection Ammalu, if I’m elected as the Secretary of the Harassed husbands’ Association?’

‘Why should I? I will be proud of you’

‘Will you object if we organize a darna and fasting before our house?’

‘Why should I? I will supply all volunteers with hot tea r cold sambaram as per their choice’

‘Oh, Ammalu, if all women are like you, why should we, husbands work against you. We are not harassed husbands; we are blessed ones. I’m withdrawing my candidature’

‘Don’t do that. We have already formed an association for, ‘Blessed wives’. You should feel the heat of Streesakthi’, as the leader of our opposite group’

‘Ammalu, heat? Am I not already suffering from that?’


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