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Ammalu is always right

In one way, it was good that I married you, Ammalu’

‘That was the only way, for you, SP’

Why are you laughing all alone ? Why don’t you share with me your happiness?’

‘A small thought, Ammalu. I was imagining how you would appear in a sleeveless blouse!’

‘Thank god, it is only sleeveless blouse. I expected something worse, when you laughed sitting all alone !’

‘Ammalu, remember one thing. In the heart of my heart, I have place only for one woman and that is you’

‘I know that’

‘Then, what is your worry?’

‘About those outside the heart of heart!’


A stylish wife has a charm of her own’

‘Charm for whom, for you or others?’

‘For others? Have you gone mad, to think about others?’

‘Not mad; gone stylish!’

‘Damn with your dirty style, Ammalu. Remain old fashioned so that you remain with me’

‘Thanks SP. I’m with you, with or without style, always’

‘Without style please; I beg’

‘Whenever I sit before the deities in our pooja and close my eyes on meditation, it is your figure that comes up in the mirror of mind, Ammalu. What do I do?’.

‘You can do two things : either don’t sit or don’t close your eyes’

‘Ammalu, what an unromantic woman are you? I expected you to come and hug me when I mentioned about your appearance in my mind’s mirror ‘

‘One more suggestion. I will clean the mirror before you close your eyes’

‘Krishna, Krishna save me from this stupid woman with no streak of poetry in her ‘


My best poetry is yet to come out of me, Ammalu; my best wife is yet to come inside this house’

‘Least worried about both’

‘Surprised! Not worried about the latter?’

‘Why should I, SP? Let her come and give you and me an oil bath. I’m looking for someone for that job!’






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