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Ammalu is always right

‘I have a great ancestry and you should realize that, Ammalu!

‘I do. But I’m more concerned about your existery’

‘Error. There is no such a word in English’

‘You go to eatery for food when I’m unwell?’

‘Yes, I do. That’s is for my existence’

‘If laundry is for washing clothes, eatery is to supply food, why not existery for existence?’

‘Ammalu, you talk like utterly unlettered, but utmost arrogant ancestors of mine’

‘Thank you, SP’

‘Ammalu, prepare SemiapAyasam to celebrate my victory. An old girl friend of mine, a really old friend of mine, is coming home today . See how girls admire me even after decades!’

‘Your old, really old friend, who would have been your playmate in Pavadai, who would slapped on your cheeks, is most welcome’

Ammalu, between the couple, who is above and who is below, is not an issue at all. Who is right and who is wrong is the only issue. I’m always right and you are always wrong’

‘Oh, thar might be the reason why you keep mum whenever I shout at you and I do that often’

“Ammalu, when the age mounts, memory slips down. So, in case I forget your name, don’t be angry with me. I may call you, Ammini, Paru, Parukutty or KalyAni, but please respond”

“Forget anything, call me by any name, I don’t mind. But never forget to hand over your monthly Pension to me so that I don’t forget to cook food for you”

“Cook for you and me. Right?”

“No, only for you”

“Then, what will I do?”

“You can go to Ammini or Kummini. Why should why worry about you?”

“They are only my friends”

“But you remember only their names and not mine”

“Ammalu, you are my wife!”

“How do I know? I don’t remember”

“How can you say that? Like a bee on an elephant’s head, you were sitting on your father’s lap, when I tied the knot and immediately, your mother who was moving around with a bundle of currency notes in hand suddenly vanished. Do’n t you remember?’

“I don’t remember”

“Holding your hand I came out and showed you the Arundathy star in the sky when you quipped, ‘so, you have already started your lie serials with me? There is no star in the sky”

“That, I remember

“Ammalu, what was the senior 9- yards searching in my room early morning?”

“Might be her dentures, not sure.”

“Her dentures, why in my room?”

“It is just my assumption. Last night she was yelling at you, while you were talking to Pattu and her forceful voice would have catapulted her dentures to your room”

“Did she scream at me? I didn’t hear”

“Oh, you didn’t have your hearing aid on. I saw it in her room, this morning”

“But, how did my hearing aid reach S9Y ‘s room?”

“You were blinking at your friend’s face as if you were seeing her for the first time. So, I pinched your ear and in my force, your hearing aid would have catapulted to her room”

“Ammalu, was it not Pattabhi who sat opposite to me in the lunch table last night?”

“OMG, your spectacles too would have catapulted somewhere”

“Seems to be the season of catapulting!”

“Not unusual for your age. As long as you don’t catapult, I’m happy”


‘Pardon my frankness Ammalu. You are not my cup of tea’

‘How does it affect me as long as you like the tea, coffee, idli and dosa made by me?’



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