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Ayyappa swamy, Ayyappa swamy!


Thunderbolt and lightning
Shook me to my root,
I screamed in fear.

What a fool I’m, to forget
You’re my root,
You the thunder,
And lightening !

While trucking thorny, stony woods
Unable to bear the wound,
‘Where you are?,’ I screamed,

What a fool I’m to forget
The wound was on your feet!

Your pain became my pain
Your melody became my songs
You are me and I’m you
Oh, Ayyappa, I’m you,
You’re me!

Swamy Saranam, Ayyappa Saranam
Saranam to whom?
Saranam to You,
Saranam to me!

I’m swamy
Ayyappa Swamy!
You are Swamy
Ayyappa swamy!

Ayyappa Swamy, Ayyappa Swamy!

The green hills, birds that dwell
The Garuda who escorts your jewel,
The ghee coconuts that burn in the well
The wind that blows from the hill top
The Irumiudies on Ayyappa’s cap
All sing the Mantram
Ayyappa Swamy, Ayyappa Swamy!

The ghee packed seeds my ego
That burns to ashes,
Garuda, my cry to reach you,
But, why Ayyappa, why all those
When You’re me and I’m you.
Ayyappa Swamy, Ayyappa Swamy!

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