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Tell me frankly, ma

Funny is your ways, ma
patting me with right hand
And beating with your left!

You bash, at times, black and blue
Or kiss me on my head,
Am I a football for you to kick
Or a flower to wear and throw ?

On cloud nine, for a moment I’m
The next in ferment, damn!
Wonder whether you love or hate me
Tell me frankly, ma!

Like an elephant gone berserk
Fate attacks me left and right
And you sit there up
Playing your flute!

How dare I said that!
Punish me, heavens!
For hurting my mom
Ungrateful worm, I am.

Long many in the sky
For a petal of the flower you adorn
Long many in the land
For a speck of sand Your feet blessed

My inhale, exhale rhythm
Your musical notes,
My inner river flow
Your dancing glow!

Your Aroharam from the flute
Awakens the world
Puts to sleep
And I blamed you for that!

Am I not yours, ma?
Erred again me!
I’m you ma
And you are me!


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