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Bye Baltimore, till we meet again.


More than three years ago when I landed in America, I had no plan to stay for more than 6/7 months, as was my earlier practice, but various developments made me to stay, so long. But for the necessity of taking care of my sick brother, I will not be going even now, as my health is like a post -war battle field. My children have no confidence in my fitness to travel alone and hence Megh is escorting me.

Many good and bad things happened- some really good, some, really bad, during my present visit. Our family strength increased, new houses were bought and I could witness the celebrations like Grehapravesam, Seemantham, graduation ceremonies etc. Could also make a trip to Vancouver to be with my sister and her son’s family for more than a month.

On the minus side, the sudden death of my nephew was the biggest blow. The passing away of my mother in law was sad, but a good thing to have happened. Had she lived longer, she would have suffered more.

I became a US citizen. It was not an easy decision to take.
All my children are here and they don’t want me to stay alone in India. With a OCI card, I can come and go anytime. Stay as long as I want here or in India. Emotionally, I was not prepared to forego my indian citizenship but my deteriorating health during the past one year told me, to push my sentiments to a corner and go by the naked practicality. The practical thing is to be with my children!.

I’m lucky indeed to have an amazingly helping family, for whom my comforts are the top priority. They affection is not a ‘stage show’ as someone said uncharitably in a different context, pushing horses and donkeys into the same stable.
When I count the blessings, the ‘kanishtikAdishtitham’ ( the one to start with counting by my little finger), is the sincere support, love and affection of not only my children and their spouses but that of my siblings their children and spouses and my sambandhies and other close relatives too.

Nothing more I can ask for,  from my creator.

(To continue )

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