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Only a process of recycling


From my first son Ananth’s house to my second son Atchuth’s house is 21/2 hrs drive. When we started around 7 P M , the sky was very bright. Between 70 and 80 Mph, the car was moving. I was amazed at the celebration in the sky to bid farewell to the Sun . The whole of the western horizon was golden as if thousands of lamps had risen high from the woods all of a sudden . Hei, wait a minute . Look at the left side, not far from the sun. There is a large assembly of clouds and they are all pure silver shade, brilliant, lavishly bright. How are these bright silver heavenly bodies maintaining their original colour completely unaffected by the bright gold close by. I look at the sides . The thick woods, oaks, maples and other earthy bodies are all in high spirits, maintaining their dark green .

‘Appa, would like to have some coffee?”, asks my son. I am not answering. I am gazing at the sky, alternately at the woods. Any thing with a beginning has to have an end. Like a huge serpent with thousand hoods, darkness leaps and swallows the sun, clouds, the whole sky. I am sad. Look at my left, to my right. Everywhere the demon darkness has swallowed every thing. I look at the speedometer- crossed 80. Gold or silver, it makes no difference in the darkness. Good or bad, wealthy or poor, pious or sinner, it makes no difference for the Death. I never, usually think about Death, but ‘ why now ‘ I ask myself. I blame the darkness in the sky, all over the woods, for my thoughts. What a fool you are ?’, asks someone from within. ‘The darkness is the mother of brightness. the sky is in the process of conceiving now and in a few hours another sun will be born’

So, there is hope and we live on hope.
‘Appa, coffee?’ Sharath asks. “Hm” I nod yes. How many suns I have seen born and dyeing ! how many clouds I have seen being formed and getting liquidated ! So, there is no birth or death. Just a process of recycling.

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