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Ammalu is always right

‘Enough of this slavery under you. Going to Kashi for sanyas. Not a minute more here, Ammalu. Enough is enough with you. Get me a pair of ocher clothes’

‘Both are already there on the right corner of the bottom shelf in your cupboard’

‘So, you were ever -ready to pack me off? I see. What is the second one, you have kept ready for my sanyas? Cash for train ticket?’

‘No. Duplicate key of our house. I will be going to my mom,
in the evening’

‘Ammalu, do you admit, in clear mind and full knowledge of facts that I’m your husband and you are my wife?’

‘To the best of my knowledge you are my husband’

‘And you, my wife?’

‘Yes. And if your mind is not clear about this matter and if you have courage, ask any of your women friends to claim my position’

‘Ammalu, I’m a precious commodity, much in demand. If any woman who happened to be with me in a bus or train, purely for fun, clicked a selfie with me and posted in her FB page, how am I responsible ?’

‘I know it was for fun, it was Kamakshy’s mischief and you are not responsible. That was why I commented:
‘The product yours. Cost free. Delivery free. No provision to return’

Ammalu, I’m prepared to go to any extend to serve you, satisfy you. Shall I jump into burning fire or roaring ocean?’

‘Neither. Cut these vegetables, wash and keep on the kitchen table’



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