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Side effects of aging and other stories

‘Ammalu, my friends say they find their wives more charming now. What could be the reason?’

‘A side effect of aging’

‘That means my age remains still?’

‘No. Your mind’

‘Pushpa is a nice name, Ammalu’

‘Yes, shall I change my name to Pushpa or deliver you a baby for you to give that name’

‘Deepa, Remya, Silpa, are also good names’

‘Sorry, SP. maximum twins at a time, in one year. it is time-barred for me and to you too, but still in your interest, I shall give a trial’


Ammalu, man doesn’t go mad till he gets married ‘

‘Because, he starts thinking others wives are angels and his wife is human’



‘Pappa, Pappa, why are you cross with mom always’

‘She says I’m good for nothing’

‘Aren’t you my Pappa?’

‘Yes, of course’

‘Then, don’ t worry. I ‘ll tell mom that I’m something’


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