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Why go back ?


Everything is on move’, they say
yes, I know, as my mind moves.
I see my health moving, wealth moving
Don’t ask, ‘up or down?’, but they move.

I see ants moving in a row, in a hurry
‘Where to?’, I ask and follow them
They rush as to get something
And return doing nothing.
‘Why go at all?’, I ask; they go again.
I know to return, with no gain.

Birds fly in a hurry, perch on a tree
Return doing nothing
‘Why fly for nothing?’, I ask
They come back, to go again ?

I see a little squirrel, running in a hurry,
Climbing a tree, coming back,
In speed, but doing nothing.
‘Why?’, I ask, ‘follow me,’ it says,
‘And enjoy the fun in returning
Doing nothing.

‘Everything is on a move’, they say
Yes, I agree ; I see my mind moves
But how sad, my mind is not
An ant, a bird or a baby squirrel
To go and come back doing nothing.

My mind moves to harass, To harm
To Steel and even kill others.
I’m sad, awfully sad.

When will my mind
Become an ant, a bird
Or a baby squirrel to run
And return just for fun?

Master! Make me an ant, bird or baby squirrel
Then call me.
Let me run and return
Just for fun.

‘I have a plan,’ said my Lord,
‘To make you a forest stream
Come to me smiling, singing,
Dancing, absorbing the lush
And blush of the trees, birds, ants
and squirrels.

Why go back when
Your memories are melodies ?’

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