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A shy visitor with a color shawl

Don’t know it’s name, so what?
It is lovely and it is a bird.
May be a robin or may not;
Eyes don’t see name boards,
Only art!

Dropping from nowhere
Swiftly and elegantly,
Perches on the railing of our deck
Looks for the feed to peck at.

Turning neck left to right to assure
No humans around, she bites and flies
Leaving some for others who crawls and flies.

What attracted me more
Her color shawl or coyness?
(Yes, for me it is ‘she’ now)
By her prudence
And care for others.

Not an ornithologist me to worry
Bird genetics or genders
But I love birds.

Loving birds, animals,
Flies and squirrels
Is a gift.
I ‘ll be rich even
When I lose my riches!

The dance of leaves and murmur of air
I can enjoy if my eyes loses its eyes
and ears their ears
And even breath, it’s breath !

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