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Ammalu is always right

Ammalu, a friendly advice. We should not fight when guests are there at home or when we go out together. I’m worried as it brings a bad name for you and you alone as people know me as a honorable gentleman ‘

‘I too know you as a honorable gentleman. And I know something more about you. In fact, many things more about you. So, fight is inevitable’

‘Ammalu, I don’t want you to prostrate before me or address me, ‘Nathaa’ imitating wives of the good old golden days, though that would be ideal. I want you to follow just ten yards behind me, when we turn the corner leading to your mom’s house’

‘For what?’

‘For her to know that I lead you and not otherwise’

‘Ha, ha, SP, she knew who leads whom literally and metaphorically (to use your words), within ten minutes after our wedding. ‘Keep it up, keep it up, child,’ she encouraged me, then’

‘Twice she said so?’

‘Thrice in fact. The pipers and drummers suppressed the third time exhort’


Rolling up my sleeves, I can tell you Ammalu, without a stick in hand, I can remove your rolled up ego and roll it down like a cascade from a high hill, in no time’

‘Sorry to say SP, you are not actually rocking; only rolling!’

Ammalu, calling from the Orlando airport, just to clear a small doubt. It may not be a very civilized way of asking, but if you won’t mistake me, how will your mom look in a military uniform?’

‘She is top to toe a highly civilized person. So, I don’t know how she will look in a military uniform. But, I’m sure that in any dress, she can control uncivilized elements, whether in Olavakkode or Orlando. Happy journey. Call from New Jersey, to clear the next doubt’

‘Ammalu, if I shout at you it is simply because I’m your husband’

‘SP, if I don’t scold you it is not because I’m your wife. It is because, I don’t want to waste my energy, which I can use for better things like making hot, hot iddlies or dosas or vadas or oothappams for you ‘






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