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We are all shining objects but with a black dot on our head!

‘Janma, mrithyu, jaraa thaptha
Jana visraanthi daayini!’
is one of the namas of Ambal in the Lalithasahasranamam, one can meditate upon, for long.

‘You are the ultimate solace for the sufferers from the routine of birth, aging and death, Mother!’

The Samskritham hymns give you immense happiness if you recite those understanding their meaning. ( Even otherwise, you go to Swargam, say learned men. But that is not my aim. I think only about the life here).

I’m yet to meet a single person in my long walk of life, who haven’t suffered the pangs of living in one way or the other.
Super rich, ultra successful, extremely intelligent all undergo pain, unbearable pain mental and physical at some stage or the other in their life.

Last week , while in my son in law ‘s house in Florida, a close relative, a successful professional, who was once and whose children are now in high position, mentioned that there is a small black dot in every manjadikuru, മഞ്ചാടിക്കുരു, which is otherwise uniformly, bright, polished, colorful, attractive. You know manjadikurus are the uniformly oval shaped redseeds, heaped in a big metal vessel, before the sanctum of Guruvayoorappan.

I’m aware of the story behind that, but when the relative compared the knock everyone, however big, receives on his head from the Destiny, for a moment, I thought, ‘could it be to remind us that suffering is very much a part of life, those bright red seeds with a black dot at the end are placed at the entrance of the temple?’
When we collect them in our cupped palms and drop we tell God, ‘yes, Lord, we are aware of our plight, but make your knock on our head, tolerable, please!’

More over the seeds have uniform weight and that was why old goldsmiths were using those for measuring. Yes, for Him, we are of the same weight. You may be the brightest and me, the dullest but for Him, we are all shining objects of uniform size, of course with a black dot on our head, a knock -mark from the Fate!
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1 thought on “Manjadikuru

  1. Namaskaram Sri Perinkulam Mama!

    Your thoughts on life are very true. Which mortal rich or poor, strong or poor, black or white, stupid or clever has ever escaped the play of darkness and light.
    Joy and sorrow according to our karmic footprints!
    Only Praarthanas and Eesvara Anugraham help to lighten this dark dot on our foreheads!
    This is the Truth of human frailty!
    Very touchingly expressed.


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