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Ammalu is always right


Pattu says I don’t look more than 55. Do I look more than 45, Ammalu?


‘Your ‘no’ is not emphatic. I can walk before you and show my agility’

‘No need. Anyway, if you want to walk, hold my hand to get up from the sofa’

‘Oh, that is too emphatic, Ammalu’
‘Ammalu, as your husband, it is my right to ask you to sit or stand’

‘Along with right, you should have the might too, to lift me up, if I’m not able to getup on my own’
Will that night ever come for me when I will slide into sleep my Ammlu singing the lullaby ‘Omanathingal kidavo?’

‘No, it won’t. Lullabies are for babies, not for oldies’

‘You didn’t read my latest story, ‘infancy returns for me’ ?


‘Have you ever read my stories?’

‘Yes, once. And went crazy for three months’

‘Have you ever heard that famous lullaby?’

‘In my previous birth, in the royal household of Yesodha , along with other Gopies I used to sing that lullaby’

‘Really! I didn’t know about that poorva Janma contacts with the Devine child?’

‘How else would I have earned you as my hubby in this Janma?’

‘Oh, Ammalu, i’am honored, elated, excited! And that word ‘earned’ is equal to a hundred lullabies. Feeling sleepy.’

‘Goodnight SP’

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