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Our children are smart, but we are not bad

Oldies are funny, many of them. They want their children to grow fast and become self dependent, but when they become that, they don’t like it.

‘Where to?’ Enquired Seshu, when his son was leaving home.

‘Dad, if I tell you the truth, you will be angry with me. If I don’t tell you the truth, she will be angry with me’

‘She? Who is that?’

‘My girl friend to meet whom I’m going’

‘Is she from some ashram in the Himalayas?’

‘No dad. She is modern, from my office’

‘Go ahead’

‘Thank you dad. Should I take your permission every time I go out?’

‘No need, if you go out every time only to meet that girl and no other ‘

Our children are smart, but we are not bad!

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