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My daughter Aparna


I have relatives to call me, ‘Appa’, ‘ThAtha’, ‘Anna’, ‘mama’, ‘Athimbar’, ‘Periappa’ etc.

My parents used to call me, ‘Konthai’

I don’t miss their call, as my daughter calls me, ‘Konthai’.

She calls me ‘dadde’ too or ‘Konthai de’, when my disobedience goes beyond a level.
And finally she gains her cool and says in a soft voice, ‘Appa, chonnathai koncham kekkarela?’ Will you please hear what I say?

That ‘please’ shows how adjustable she is to my adamancy!

How nice of my wife to have gifted me a daughter too, to call me, ‘konthai’, as my parents used to do! I don’t, therefore, miss my parents. I don’t miss my wife too, when I see my daughter, though my wife never called me,’konthai’.

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