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A plain question and a chance to act

‘Hope you don’t mind my asking you a plain question, Ammalu?’

‘Plain question? What is that?’

‘Had I married someone else, do you think I would have been happier?’

‘I don’t know about you, but I would have been happier’

‘How? How???’

‘Because, because, no other husband will ask such stupid questions as you do!’


Ammalu, there is every possibility of getting a chance to act in a Tamil epic film, for me, though my role is yet to be decided. Don’t know whether I will be the hero or villain’

‘I can tell you. Your role is Shivalingham. No motion, talk, song or dance’

‘You useless woman, you are jealous of my becoming popular’

“SP, will your budhi never tread straight? Ashtavakra muni had only eights twists in his body. Your budhi has eight hundred’


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