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‘Phat’ goes his habit

‘Always, bla, bla! Boring ! Could you speak something substantial, SP?’

‘Dasharatha Maharaja had four children ; Ammalu’s husband too. The Maharaja had three wives but Ammalu’s husband, poor man, not a Maharaja, not even an ordinary Raja, not even a Mantri, could have only one wife and that too our Ammalu. But still he survived. How? He had many girl friends, which the Maharaja didn’t have and poor guy, therefore had to say goodbye to the world .—‘

‘Please stop. Go back to your bla, bla ! Too much substance in your substantial talk’


‘Ammalu, had I married one of the dozen girls I had loved, would I have been happier?’

‘How do I know? Were your question, ‘how happy she would have been’, I could give an answer’

‘Ok, what is your answer?’

‘If you too were one of the dozen boys, she had loved, she would have been really happy’

Ammalu, I believe in telling my opinion ‘phat’ at the face of anyone, without bothering about their reaction, wife or her mother or even God or Goddess’

‘Not a bad idea’

‘So, you understood?’

‘Yes, of course’

‘Tell others too’

‘My mom knows already. To the other two, you may convey the message’

‘Now, Ammalu, you are telling me ‘phat’!’


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