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Don’t take anyone for granted



Many times, it happens, may not be intentionally, but it happens
– we take for granted, our close relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbors, even the precious life handed over to us on a gold platter.

Never do that. Even with your wife, whom you expect not to go away, come what may, whatever be your careless treatment.

She may not leave you physically but her mind will treat you as an untouchable. That is a worst condition. Even physical separation may not hurt as much as mental separation, remaining under the same roof.

I don’t mean that you should smile at everyone in the family, including your wife, from morning to even or buy a bouquet for her often. Sincerity in your talk, behavior, treatment is much more valuable than bouquets and flowery words.

Taking for granted hurts even a low paid security guard at your gate, as he too is a human being. Even animals and birds don’t do that. And we claim a higher place in the hierarchy, the highest place.

Why do we worship Nandi and Garuda, giving them a honorable place, right before the sanctum, though they are only mounts, carriers of the gods? The gods always watch them to ensure that they are not harmed

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