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Age difference

‘Ammalu, I bought this meeta pan for you, for the Mother’s Day’

‘How sweet of you SP! You bought a sweet stuff that I like!’

‘Ammalu, you never get angry with me?’

‘You are my child, SP, youngest of all my children, most innocent to the extend of talking at times, irrelevant, irritating things. Will a mother ever be unhappy with such a child?’

‘So the meeta pan gift is appreciated. Thank you’

“You are the best gift I could have expected from God’

‘Shall we go to greet your mom?’

‘Not today. I want to solely enjoy the status of your mother, though borrowed. I don’t want to share it even with my mother’

Aren’t you amazed at my authoritative, autocratic way of dealing with you, Ammalu, while other husbands shiver at the sight of their wives?’

‘That is how I want my husband to be. I don’t like a henpecked hubby. I keep telling you ‘be autocratic, but go by what I like; be authoritative but go by what I say -If not in all matters, on major issues at least’

‘ Ammalu, the grand old lady, your mom will be 20/30 years older to me?’

‘Easily. Even when we married, she was older to you by 10/12 years. And that was quite long ago’

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