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When the sky is about fall



The  sky is about fall on your head. Can you do anything about it?

Yes, I can. I will move to left, right, front, back.

Man, it is not a kite or crow drop that is falling. It is the sky. Wherever you go, it will fall on your head. Can you do anything?

I can’t. Now, I realize the gravity of the situation. I can do nothing.

Yes, it may not exactly be the sky, but it may be any other situation on which we have no control.

And, on such situations, nothing can be done other than facing the problem.

My Venku chithammai patty of Perinkulam, had a simple solution to face all such situations:

‘Pahavaanae, Saranam!’

Her Pahavaavan is our God. Saranam you know, surrender.

God, I surrender to You.

I have done that many times. And escaped from getting crushed by not one sky, but many skies.

One smart guy used the above mantram successfully, at 35, when he was asked by his parents, to marry a girl, whom he had’t met or even photo seen.

Raising his head and hands up, he looked up and said the mantram,
‘Phahvanae, Saranam!

What happened? He escaped from that marriage?

No. He had a wonderful married life and now he is the proud father of four adorable children and dearest friend of six amazing grand children.

He is no one else, but me !

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