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Togetherness, that is all!

Mathan bharani
The ceramic storage containers which we called ‘Baranies’ were widely used in Indian kitchen and I hope those are still in use. Pickles were the primary item stored and then curd, buttermilk.
With a brightly polished exterior and neat interior, maintenance was easy.
‘She is like a ‘mathan bharani’ -means she is short with a rich middle part’
‘And he, like a ‘murunkaikai! Like a drumstick’
‘So what ? They didn’t seek a divorce three or three years after wedding. They have been living together for thirty years happily, quarreling morning and evening’
‘Quarreling morning to evening and living happily?’
‘Yes, you expect a married couple to quarrel  throughout day and night?’
‘I don’t, but wonder what will they do rest of the time?’
‘Don’t ask silly questions. When I say they lived happily, I have covered the rest of the time’
‘Oh, now I understood, a bit. Quarrel is only an external symptom of internal togetherness!’
‘Say, togetherness. Don’t say a word more’
‘Oh, now I understood completely’

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