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Behind every shine

If you are shining and spreading light, there is someone behind you burning and turning into charcoal. It could be your wife at home, who makes your food and bed and after feeding and putting the kids to sleep, awaits for your late return from the office. It could be your parents, who burnt their life and turning into charcoal and struggling to survive. It could be even you, yourself, burning your life for shining and in the process getting aged faster.
But, one thing is certain. For something to shine, something else has to burn and turn into charcoal.
Our animal sacrifices in the olden days, were the symbols  of this idea. In parched area, to find water in a village well, they used to sacrifice an animal. May be a superstition. But, even superstitions are based on some thoughts, experience. You may accept or not. Many traditional thoughts, I don’t follow. That doesn’t mean that those thoughts were absolutely hollow. If I don’t accept, I reap the good or bad of it. That is all.

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