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Ammalu is always right

‘Let us be friends Ammalu. All said and done, I can’t avoid you and you can’t avoid me’
‘Agreed. Take me to a movie and buy me an ice cream’
‘Agreed. Get ready for the movie’
‘Which movie?’
‘Forget about my friendship. I will go with my friends for a Hindi or English movie’
Mom, your sweet son in law is there?’
‘Yes, he is hiding behind me. I’m sure that he did some minor mischief and came here to escape from your punishment’
‘Minor of course? Mom, you know what he did? He scratched my back when we were shopping in the Chettiar shop’
‘Top or bottom back?’
‘Behind neck’
‘It is OK, Ammalu. He has just returned from USA and would have been tempted by seeing hubbies and honeys mutually scratching backs of partners in public places, out of love’
‘Mom, you saying this? I’m sure that SP would have brainwashed you. Is he still hiding behind your back?’
‘ I have given him a small work. When he pleaded that I should protect you from your wrath, I asked him to milk our cow and he happily agreed. My milkman is absent today’
‘Will your milkman come tomorrow, mom?’
‘He may not’
‘Then, I will let SP to scratch my back tomorrow also’
‘Thank you, only top back’
‘Of course, only top back’

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