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Ammalu is always right

‘Ammalu, how many languages your mother knows, one, two?’

‘How many you know?’

‘Eight. Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil. 3 ok? Three European languages. And in Samskritham, I’m a scholar’

‘You are a hero of languages and a big zero in totaling. My mother will tell you, 3+3+1= 7 and not 8′


Ammalu, I have finally decided to go to the Himalayan valley and adopt Sanyasam. . I know you won’t like this idea, but I can’t help. I have to explore ways for Moksham’

‘SP, you are overaged for many things, including Sanyasam. I won’t therefore stand in your way. But, what is the purpose of sitting inside a cave or under a tree and think about the flavor of the roasted dry chilli pieces, those black beauties, smiling from the white background of thayir sadam or the white ice dots shining from the brims of Margarita cups? ‘

‘I’m relieved. Thought you would mention about some other attractions’

‘You are over, over aged for those attractions, SP’


Ammalu, she is a pasu, a cow with no horns’


‘Your mom’

‘She is a chundeli, a mouse with no teeth. Who?’

‘My mom’

‘Correct. But she thinks she is a puli, cheetah with sharp teeth and nails. I have fought with many such monsters. Tell her I am not scared of her’

‘Why don’t you tell her?’

‘The problem Ammalu is, the moment she hears my voice, she turns into a puli, cheetah’

‘You are wrong, SP. She doesn’t change, but you change into a horn -less cow or a teeth -less mouse’

‘So, you agree that I’m a puli, cheetah, otherwise?’

‘No, you are a husband with horns, teeth and nails before me and shed all those weapons the moment you see my mom’

‘Do I shiver in her presence, Ammalu?’

‘You don’t. You praise her unnecessarily,  sky-high!’


‘A husband should be the master, not a servant to his wife. He should be the ruler, not the ruled. He should be the king, not a subject. He should be a man and not a woman’

‘Agreed with the last condition, SP. the rest are rubbish’



‘My sixth sense tells me, Ammalu, that there is something wrong in  your relationship with your mom’

‘Very true. She scolded me for tolerating your nonsensical words and deeds and I protested:
‘Only his five senses are in disarray. What about his sixth?”,
I asked her.



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