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‘It is better to obey wife and lead a peaceful life than quarrel with her and make days miserable,’ says a friend. Intelligent guy. What say Ammalu?’
‘I can also pretend ‘
‘Pretend to obey me?’
‘Pretend to make food, pretend to serve you. Pretend to have forgotten the names of the women who calls you’
‘Do women ever call me, Ammalu?’
‘How do I know? I never go near the phone’
‘So, the twenty and odd calls you attend everyday is only pretending?’
‘I’m not your wife to answer your question, gentleman!’
‘Ammalu, that is taking ‘pretention’ too far. Assure me please, you are pretending. I will die of shock if you don’t do that ‘
Baby, Could you please sit by me and scratch my back?’
‘Baby? I’m not a baby and you are not a kid . You know what you are?’
‘I’m an young man, forced, destined to live as a chained prisoner with an uneducated, old, withered, country woman, but still maintaining my charm! I’m –‘
‘You are, you are an oblivion oldie, good for nothing, ego-eaten, elephant headed, head, heart and bladder packed with outdated ideas, unfit for this century but still I’m tolerating you!’
‘Wah, Ammalu! Appa Iyer school anchaam class, fifth standard, bringing poetry, prose, all in one capsule.
Ammalu Get some water, please’
‘What happened SP? Are you Ok ? Coming in a minute. I will
Sit by you and scratch your back’

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