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Ammalu is always right

‘Had I waited for a few days more, I could have obtained a better wife, says Kamakshi’
‘Was she in the waiting queue to marry you?’
‘I don’t think so’
‘Then why is she worried now ? Is she prepared to leave her husband, five children, nine grandchildren and come with you, if I vacate my seat for her?’
‘I don’t think so’
‘Then why did she say that?’
‘No, Ammalu, she didn’t say that’
‘But you said, she said so?’
‘No, Ammalu, that was my imagination’
‘Ok, had you waited for a few days, months or years or centuries more, do you think you would have got a better wife than me?’
‘No, Ammalu, I don’t think so’
‘Good. Go and bring two packs of milk. I will make a super coffee for you’
‘And some pakoda too’
‘Sure, for your next round of imagination’

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