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Ammalu is always right

Fed up of the family life, especially with you. Leaving for Uttar Kasi for Sanyas and Moksham, now, in another five minutes. No second thoughts. Give me a thousand rupees please, Ammalu’
‘Why cash when going for sanyas and Moksham, SP?’
‘For buying, kaashaayam, kamandalu, dandam, Rudraksham ‘
‘All those things including an extra pair of ochre cloths are ready
In my cupboard. My mom had sent those things along with me as Stree dhaanam and told me,’ any time your husband may ask for these. Hand over instantly’.
‘That old lady bought those along with jewels and vessels for you?’
‘No, she had already in her cupboard gifted by her mother. My father didn’t ask for that’
‘That shows how good, kind, affectionate your mom was to your dad, unlike you’
‘No, that shows my father knew somehow, unlike you, the availability of those stuff in the cupboard’

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