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Ammalu is always right

‘Ammalu, our Paru is very naughty!’
‘Who is ‘our’ Paru, the cow or vegetable seller?’
‘You think only about cow or kaikarikkari! The naughty Paru, I mentioned, is Pammetchu’s wife. She told me yesterday that at times, I behave like a Jallikattu bull incited with a piece of red cloth waved before its eyes. That is to highlight my overflowing energy and enthusiasm.
Is she wrong? ‘
‘Yes, she is wrong. Any colour cloth that moves before your eyes, makes you go mad’
‘But not the saris which you spread for drying in our veranda’
‘They are my saris which convert you to a pussy cat instantly and you start meowing ‘
‘So, no overflowing with enthusiasm?’
‘There is no flow at all. Where is the question of overflowing?’
‘Ammalu, is it right to convert your husband to a pussy cat?’
‘Is it right to become a bull, Jallikattu bull, at the sight of other women?’

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