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Hand in hand and mouth in mouth

Responding to your
If you are looking for a honest, efficient, intelligent, caring, handsome husband , I’m available!’
‘Thank you, but no. I’m looking for a submissive and simpleton baby’
‘There is a ‘thalayatti Chettiar bommai, doll in my showcase, which keeps on shaking its head, if you just touch it with your finger. I’m sending it to you’
‘Keep the bommai, doll with you. Tell me about your Chettiar.
He must be rich’
‘He is indeed. But he is married’
‘So what?’
‘Chettiar aatchi makes Mirichi bajji for sales in her home counter every evening and keeps handy a bowlful of green chilly paste. If any woman comes near Chettiar, she will blow it into her eyes’
‘Oh, Aactchi atchi nahi’
‘Mritchi batchi bhi’
‘So, hand in hand and mouth in mouth
We start the trip, to tell the truth
I like you honest, handsome baby!
I can make noodles, you buy a cradle’

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