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Ammalu is always right

‘Ammalu, we may be husband and wife–‘
‘We are’
‘OK, but we are two separate individuals. We have our own identities. I may not like what you like and you may not like what I like-‘
‘I don’t like what you like and you don’t like what I like’
‘OK, but let us both board this toy train and go merrily two three rounds’
‘SP, you board the toy train, go twenty rounds. In the meantime, I will just make a round inside the jewel shop’
‘May not be a good idea, Ammalu’
‘No more ‘mays’ please’
Whom do you love more, me or your mom, Ammalu?’
‘Our children’
‘That was not an answer to my question’
‘I don’t answer foolish questions’
‘I should find out some new ways to please your mom.
My old tricks are not working with her. Any suggestion,
‘Tell me the purpose first. Money or material, what is the cause behind?’
‘Ammalu, you consider me as a cheat? Che,Che, I never expected such an evaluation from you. As she is advancing in age, I want to please her. That is all’
‘Is that your only intention?’
‘Yes, it is. Don’t suspect my innocence, please’
‘I won’t. Return her five hundred genuine currency notes which you exchanged with your Coimbatore notes, long ago’
Ammalu, you resemble some other woman known to me, when I see your back, from a distance’
‘Could be my mom. You never dare to look at her face’

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