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Ammalu is always right

“Ammalu, this is between us;  the old lady in our side portion, is pregnant?”
“It is not between us.  It is between she and her husband. Anyway, as you are curious, she is not old and she is not pregnant.”

“Ammalu, why don’t we sit calmly in a place and discuss about the ways to have more peace, more happiness, more—“
“Look, I don’t think we need anything more now;  in fact we need something less- your talk and nagging me for small, small requirement of yours soap, bath towel etc so that I can attend to more important work”‘You already have enough of ‘mores’; why again ‘more’ for you?””I simply love your such talks, more and more”.


” on one hand , just on one hand, if I tattoo, how will I look, Ammalu?”
” On my back, just only on my back, if I tattoo and wear a back-opened blouse, how will I look?”” Have you gone mad?'” Move a bit please; let me tattoo the floor and front doors first for the Janmashtami festival . And talk like a matured man, ”
———————————————————————————————————Admirable husband

” Whenever I talk about Ammini or Sundari, why are you looking at the ceiling
or floor ? Why don’t you look straight at my face?”
“Wherever I turn, up, sides or down, I see nothing but your charming face and sparkling eyes,  Ammalu”
“Oh, man ! what an enchanting eloquence! what an enviable escape route!”
You and me are alone in this house
” I have a feeling that in this house, my silence and soft-talks are mistaken for my weakness. If you don’t know the meaning of my words, Ammalu, refer to Oxford Dictionary ”
” Only you and me are there, in this house. So, I have a feeling that your complaint is against me. Anyway get ready. Let us go”
”Where to ?”
“To get a thicker lens as the present one is too weak for you. It was a mistake, last time, we went for the cheaper ‘Si’ lens. We should also try to get some hard discs which will convert  your soft talks to harder ones”.
“Ammalu, you make me go crazy”
“What else a wife is for?”
” Oh, my God, you don’t need a Dictionary; you  can write a dozen. I used  the word ‘crazy’ in its simplest form. I can’t afford to go crazy at this age; and you too, I presume.”
“I have a feeling in this house—“”
“Ammalu, please don’t have any feelings. As you correctly said, you and me are alone in this house.”

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