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Ammalu is always right

‘Am,mam, here is the list of my new year vows, in three parts, extremely difficult, very difficult and difficult, 101 vows in each section’
‘Am, mam?’
‘Yes, mam. That is the short form for Ammalu madam, the first vow from the ‘extremely difficult’ category’
‘Good. You want my cooperation in implementing your 300 and odd vows?’
‘Yes, Am, mam’
‘I will help you on one condition. Here is your last year’s vow list, which woefully remains only on paper. I want you to implement one vow, just one vow’
‘Waiting for your orders, Am mom’
‘I’m reading from your list: ‘After my Rummy play with friends every evening, I shall not leave the task of collecting the cards from the table, chairs and floor to Ammalu but I will do it myself. Ithu Sathyam, Sathyam, Sathyam’ .
Just do that, only one evening’
‘That is too much, Ammalu’
‘Ammalu? Fut goes your first vow for the new year!’

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