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Ammalu is always right

Ammalu, for Karadayan nombu you don’t prepare laddu, jilebhi, kesari, halva etc?’
‘Yes, we do, but won’t serve to our men!’
‘Why Ammalu ? You eat everything and bulge like a barrel?’
‘Don’t mind even if I swell like your ego, but can’t serve you’
‘Why, why, why?’
‘Karadayan nombu is a vratham praying for your longevity. Laddu and other sweets will hinder that, especially you are are a diabetic’
‘Is that the only hindrance for my longevity?’
‘One more. Your cosiness with women’
You look so sweet while sleeping, resting you head on the right hand, SP’
‘Don’t I look sweet while awake, Ammalu?’
‘No. You talk while awake’
Ammalu, I feel so elated, seeing the full moon above our mango tree showering nectar and a cuckoo pair singing love songs. Come near, my sweet heart. Let me hug you’.
‘Are you Ok, SP?’
‘Ammalu, Ammini was telling–‘
‘You want to hug Ammini or me? Decide that first and then I will deal with your cockoo and Chikkoo’
‘Who is Chikkoo Ammalu?’
‘The one I want to hug’
‘Ammalu, or you OK?’
‘I’m not . I was never. Had I been Ok, I would have married Chikkoo and not you’
‘Ammalu, please don’t say such thing. I was just joking. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I never wanted to hug you’
‘I know that. Now, show me your cuckoo pair singing love songs. I’m seeing only two monkeys on the mango tree’

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