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Ammalu is always right

‘Take back your coffee, take back your Murukku. Ask that Kirukku (crazy ) woman to relive me from the bondage, Ammalu’
‘Kirukku, who is that?’
‘Who else ? My mother in law’
‘She is my mom! You call her Kirukku? She never called you so even once!’
‘Then what did she call me?’
‘Irrecoverably idiotic, irreversibly spoiled sweet baby’
‘Some more coffee please’
Ammalu, as you know I was a strict disciplinarian and my office used to shiver at my sight. I want to continue to be a disciplinarian and you should shiver at my sight’
‘SP, this is not your office. This is my home’
‘Your home?. I bought this house by my hard earned money!’
‘True. You bought the house, not home. I made it a home and it is my desire that I continue with my disciplinarian activities’
‘And I should shiver at your sight!?’
‘No, need. Continue to be a good, obedient boy as you are now’
‘It is OK. Carry on with your work in hand, please. Time is precious’
‘SP, you can’t demand any dowry nowadays. You can’t say that you will accept the girl for our son, only if she comes with a cart load vessels and furniture. You can’t go with an inch tape in hand and give them the measurements of the vessels, such as the height of anda and circumference of arukkanchatti’
‘Why, has the sky fallen on your head or has our roof flew away in a tsunami ?’
‘Worse than that. The girl’s mother tells my friends,’ that big size vessels are not available in the market. Let the boy’s parents create the vessels and I will pay them. Creation at this age, SP?’

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