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Ammalu is always right

‘Ammalu, you are wrong, thoroughly wrong, if you expect me to bow before you’
‘No, I don’t. You have been a good boy from the day one doing what I ask you to do, never straining your head’
Ammalu, I’m not your servant maid to run to Chettiar shop and bring provision or vegetable from Koya’s shop, the moment you order’
‘I never said you are a servant maid. You are not my servant, but my respected husband. You are also not a maid but an old man of overflowing age. Please, get me the things if you want to make me food in time’
‘Ok, on one condition. Withdraw that adjective ‘overflowing’
‘Done, get some paruthikottai ( cattle feed ) too’
‘But, why paruthikottai? We don’t have any cattle now’
‘True. Tomorrow cattle may come, but I may not be able to bridle your ‘overflow’. Age grows by leaps and bounds when aging starts, you see’
‘I am from a wealthy, influential family. Ammalu. You should know that’
‘I know’
‘How do you know?’
‘You have been telling this to everyone. So, it should be true’
‘I’m well qualified, unlike you’
‘I know’
‘How do you know?’
‘I know my qualification. You were in a good job and I was not’
‘Ok. I’m your husband. You should know that, Ammalu’
‘Yes, I know’
‘How do you know?’
‘That question shows your utter brain bankruptcy . Anyway, I’m answering. I’m living with you only because you are my husband. Ok? Anymore questions ?’
‘Yes, one more to push you to the ground. ‘I’m a man, Ammalu, the superior creation of God. You should know that’
‘Yes, Sir. I know ‘
‘How do you know?’
‘Oh, man! Don’t be silly. You are talking to your wife!’
I’m sorry to say Ammalu, you are unbearably boring at times’
‘You are bearable SP. Come close to me, that was how I became a mother. Come still close to me, SP, that was how you ba me a father’
Ammalu, I have a good news for you. I overheard your friends’ comments that I look younger than you by more than ten years.
What you say?’
‘It is a good news for you, not for me. But I have a good news for me. I too overheard your friends saying that I look half your age’
‘So, you too have the bad habit of overhearing?’
‘I didn’t have. Acquired from you observing your overhearing my friends’
‘Let us square it of, Ammalu. I was lying to you and you were lying to me’
‘I was not lying to you. I look half your age. This is what others are saying. And I too feel that I’m much younger to you’
‘You too feel, Ammalu? Really?’
‘Yes, I too feel’
‘It is not a lie?’
‘No, it is not’
‘Ammalu, I’m scared. I’m worried. I’m lost. Is there a likely hood of your leaving me?’
‘Where will you go?’
‘To my mom’s home’
‘Where will I go then, Ammalu?’
‘To my mom’s home’

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