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Toned up body and mind make life most enjoyable

Feel fresh, elevated in body and mind. The Global Energizer is the cause. The Sun has been bright since two days. Day temperature around 80 degF. Went for a walk around the colony after a long time. Removed even jacket. To be with a T shirt is like being in a lungi in our place. So free. The body wrapped with layers of cloth is a burden. Mind packed with all sorts of thoughts is a curse.
Sharath takes me to gym on alternate evenings. In the gym, watching scores of young and old, men and women, working out on different instruments, make me younger.
Megh takes me to the clinic everyday. Only old people are seen there, as patients. When I see old couple, the weak partner supporting the weaker one, I feel sad. They all come neatly dressed up, though their inner parts of the husband or wife might be getting eroded every minute. The hospital staff, right from the doctors, keep smiling, talk sweetly, though what they see around is not that sweet at all. They are extremely kind to the patients. You can ask any question, they will answer happily. My Oncologist is a handsome guy, smiling liberally. The auxiliary staff too are cheerful, cheering the patients. Hospitals and clinics teach us one thing. Old age is indispensable. Sickness is a part of it. This is not a big discovery. But, when I see the sick and sagging right before my eyes every day, I realize the well known fact as a new lesson.
I have a friend, through my daughter, in Florida. That girl is from Andhra, a nephrologist. ‘How did you land here?’ I asked.
‘Demand, uncle,’ she said. ‘Old people are more here’
Old kidneys, like old hearts and other organs, need better attention, which means more physicians. In fact, in Florida, there is a township exclusively for oldies, called, ‘The Villages’ Only retirees are allowed there. A vast area with hospital facilities, swimming pools, tennis and golf courts . Some book homes there, much before they become old. They know that they will, one day become old. All of us should know that. But, many realuze only when they land on that dry land!
At Habsiguda club, we have a tennis court,  gym and swimming pool, both maintained well. There should be such facilities in every colony. If facilities are provided, people will use. People have to use, if they have to remain fit.
Physical fitness is equally important as mental fitness. In, India fortunately, the awareness has come. I have see. several people, young and old, going for morning walk. In Kerala, for temple goers, no other exercise is required. Early morning, both men and women, after a cold water bath, wearing neat clothes, visit temples . Three pradakshinams tone up the body while the morning worship rejuvenates their mind.
Toned up body and mind makes life enjoyable.

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