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Ammalu is always right

‘Undoubtedly Ammalu, my Aswagantharshtam is doing wonders. I feel younger by ten years and my facial glow has increased by ten times’
‘Did someone say so?’
‘Our own Paru and Parukutty said. What other proof do you need?’
‘I don’t know when they both became ‘our own’. Anyway, what did they say?!
‘Parukutty said today, ‘ I see a new glow in your face, SP Sir’.
Paru said yesterday, ‘how do you look so young?’
Paru did not prefix or suffix, ‘Sir’. Could be due to her intimacy with me’
‘Could be. So you are happy?’
‘No, I’m not. I will be happy only when I hear such praises from the mouth of my wife. When will you praise my facial glow?’
‘Tomorrow afternoon, around 2 pm”
‘Your intelligence will become brighter only then?’
‘Not intelligence, my eyes. Like, Paru and Parukutty, I too am getting my new spectacles and the optician wanted an extra day to make it the brightest so that I don’t miss even a minute shine’
‘Had I married a poet, she would be composing everyday one poem about my virtues, Ammalu’
‘May be. But the problem for me is, even if I had married a cook, I might be cooking and he must be dreaming of a girl to write a novel about his virtues’

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