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You take everything and enjoy

‘Ammalu, this house belongs to me. The furniture, vessels, the cow in the shed, her calf, all belong to me’
‘Only the cow belong to you and the calf belongs to the cow, just as our children belong to me’
‘Wah! Our children belong to you! You created them by waving your peacock feather bunch! I’m nowhere in the picture!’
‘You too belongs to me. As you belong to me, everything in this house including the calf, belong to me. But the cow belongs to you’
‘Just now you said that the calf belongs to the cow!’
‘That was a minute ago. Hearing your absurd argument, the cow wants me to take charge of her calf too.
‘Who knows tomorrow, her dad too won’t become ambitious like SP and claim her?’ Asks the cow. Cows have foresight, you see’
‘Are you fooling me, old lady? Ha, ha! Cows have foresight, cows talk ! Yes, they talk stupid things’
‘Quite possible. The cow belongs to you’
‘Stop this nonsense Ammalu. In this house nothing belongs to me. Ok? Everything belongs to you. You take everything and enjoy. I’m leaving’
‘Vow! Vow! Vow!. Bye. I’m going . Close the gate’

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