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Ammalu is always right

‘Let us talk business Ammalu. One day or other, we should do it’
‘What is there to talk about business? You could not successfully run even a kadukkaipodi shop for which there is a lot of demand’
‘Ammalu, by business I meant about our relationship’
‘What is there to talk about our relationship? You get your breakfast, lunch, evening tea, dinner and in between some snacks and drinks, even without your asking for’
‘It is not about that. Marriage life is not eating alone’
‘Then what else, at our age ?’
‘I feel shy to talk about it, Ammalu’
‘Ok . I will talk business. Your grass mat is spread on the veranda. It is very warm inside. Please go and sleep well.
Sweet dreams!’
In your club meeting, it seems you boasted,’that every time my husband looks at other women ( and he does it often) he likes me more’. Does your awareness tell you that you are a Rambha or an Urvashi?’
‘You got it all wrong, as usual, SP. It was my mom who told me, that too long, long ago, on the day I was leaving my home with you,
‘Ammalu, every time your husband looks at other women and he will do it often, he should like you more, not because you are a Rambha or an Urvashi, but due to fear of your look when you return home’
Ammalu, this girl Gomathy is very funny. She says, had I happened to be her husband, on the fifth day after our wedding she would have jumped into the Kalpathy River’
‘That girl at 70 + is funny indeed. Didn’t you ask her why waiting for five days?’
‘Wouldn’t have I? I did ask’
‘What was that 70+ girl’s reply?’
‘Four days, to go around the town to alert every girl in the twenty miles area around, not to become a victim like her, if someone tried to brain wash to agree to marry me’
‘I was then living beyond twenty miles from her’
Ladies , generally, have a good opinion about me. What you say, Ammalu?’
‘Yes. They have’
‘How do you know?
‘They tell me, whenever they meet me. And we meet quite often’
‘But, you and your old mom don’t think high about me?’
‘This is the reason- we both know your ins and outs . Others know only your ‘outs’, what goes out from your mouth’

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